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What is a Quillow, you might ask. Well that's a very good question. It could be a quilt 45" X 72" or an 18" pillow. In other words it is a quilt that turns into a pillow or a pillow that turns into a quilt. It also has a pocket on the bottom to put your feet in to keep them toasty. It is the perfect size for a couch or an easy chair. This is a craft that I have found and have now made approximately twenty of these as gifts. I have discovered in my gift giving that a Quillow is a very sought after item. So I made the decision to sell them online as an offering to the general public. I know that most people appreciate a real hand crafted gift, over something store bought. They are great for all occasions and can be produced in your choice of fabric and color. I hope you will order one for all of your friends and family.

Thanks for your time

I am offering this for the unbelievably low price of $39.99 + $6.99 S+H anywhere in the upper 48. Alaska and Hawaii will pay actual shippping cost. You can expect delivery within 7 days of the order reciept. Taxes will be charged in the state of Georgia at a rate of 7.0%.

All Halloween orders need to be received before 11:59PM EST on 1 Nov 2012


Here are some quillows.   You can see by looking at these that they can be made from any fabric, or print, and customized to your color needs.

If you have any questions please click on this text to send me a message.

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